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The program empowers Israeli-Americans to become the next generation of leaders in the Israeli and Jewish American communities.
We invite you on a leadership journey to explore and deepen your identity as an Israeli-American, learn about the Jewish American landscape, and acquire core leadership and community-building skills. 




Mishelanu is a nationwide student network on dozens campuses across the nation. The network is led by first and second generation Israeli-Americans who bring the spirit of Israel to campus. The program provides a home for Israeli-American students that become a living bridge between Israel and the campus community.


A social space for community gathering and pluralistic conversation about texts from Jewish and Israeli culture. This program is led by community members and open to all who are passionate about and want to explore the many voices in our Jewish heritage and our community.


Led by young professionals, IAC EDGE is a national network for young professionals with Israel at heart. Your EDGE journey opens a world of relationships and opportunities across professions, cities, languages, and cultures.

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