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IAC Gvanim

The program empowers Israeli-Americans to become the next generation of leaders in the Israeli and Jewish American communities.



Shishi Israeli

A Friday or Saturday night community Celebrations, where Israelis and American Jews enjoy tradition, Israeli Culture and flavors.


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Gvanim Limud

A social space for community gathering and pluralistic conversation about texts from Jewish and Israeli culture. This program is led by community members and open to all who are passionate about and want to explore the many voices in our Jewish heritage and our community.


IAC Keshet

15 online virtual sessions held in small groups of children ages 4-7.

Keshet sessions cover a variety of topics such as Jewish holidays, heritage superheroes, innovation and many more while exposing & strengthening use of Hebrew language




IAC ACT Provides the tools and training to help support Israeli-Americans become effective advocates for Israel in their communities, workplaces, on social media and on campuses.


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IAC Eitanim

IAC Eitanim brings together the next generation’s Jewish-American and Israeli-American middle and high school students for an immersive, innovative, project-based learning experience which strengthens participants’ Jewish identity, builds their connection to Israel and ignites their “Israeliness”.

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IAC Mishelanu

Cultivates pro-Israel leadership on campus and provides a home for Israeli-American students in order to explore and strengthen their Israeli & Jewish identity while becoming a living bridge between Israel and the campus community.