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Youth ages 8-18

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We provide a positive social and learning environment where they share a connection to Israel and Hebrew, enjoy fun and formative activities, grow as individuals, engage with the broader Jewish and San Diego communities, develop life and leadership skills and emerge as counselors and leaders.

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Cultivates pro-Israel leadership on campus and provides a home for Israeli-American students in order to explore and strengthen their Israeli & Jewish identity while becoming a living bridge between Israel and the campus community.


An innovative educational platform, featuring live content and online courses with an Israeli flavor, for all ages at varying levels, while each course brings the spirit of Israel into the heart of every home. 



BBYO welcomes Jewish teens of all backgrounds, denominational affiliation, gender, race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.


IAC Eitanim brings together the next generation’s Jewish-American and Israeli-American middle and high school students for an immersive, innovative, project-based learning experience which strengthens participants’ Jewish identity, builds their connection to Israel and ignites their “Israeliness”.

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